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New Octane Trick Makes for Powerful Sliding in Apex Legends

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Make the most out of Octane's quick movements with a sliding trick. Here's what you need to know.

Apex Legends players are an imaginative bunch. New tricks are constantly being discovered and harnessed to get the most out of the Legends, putting their strengths to good use. Octane, a Legend that possesses arguably the best speed and agility out of the lot, has been charged up even more with a neat new trick.

User vinkker took to Reddit to post how they managed to make Octane slide whilst aiming down sights. The clip was posted to the r/Apexrollouts subreddit, a forum that players use to discuss and showcase movement in Apex Legends.

New Octane Trick Makes for Powerful Sliding in Apex Legends

Vinkker starts the action by initiating Octane's Stim ability. This gives players a speed boost in exchange for a bit of health. Just as the animation is about to end, Octane's walking speed is boosted slightly, enabling a slide to be activated. The boost works in a way that sliding can occur even when aiming down sights, which would usually cancel it otherwise.

It's a tricky maneuver to pull off, and you might need some practice in order to hit your intended targets. Additionally, the post points out that the trick only seems to work with pistols and shotguns.

While Octane is the obvious choice to use this trick, according to the poster it's also possible with Bloodhound during their Beast of the Hunt ultimate. This, again, is due to the slight walking boost received that's strong enough to activate the slide.

Give it a try the next time you're playing as Octane in Apex Legends, and see if it works for you.