New Overwatch 2 Heroes, Beta Dates Apparently Revealed in Leak

A new leak has seemingly revealed key information about three new heroes and two beta tests for Overwatch 2.
A new leak has seemingly revealed key information about three new heroes and two beta tests for Overwatch 2. / Image courtesy of Blizzard

The Overwatch 2 leak trail continues to intensify, as a recently published forum post is now circulating around the community suggesting details regarding three new heroes and two beta tests for the highly-anticipated title will soon be revealed.

Last month, another supposed leak seemed to reveal that the third week of February would see a major official announcement from Blizzard about Overwatch 2. Well, it appears there was plenty of more information where that came from.

On Feb. 5, a since-banned user by the name of BLIZZIBURNER posted a thread on MMO-Champion claiming that they're "good friends" with someone who works on Team 2, Blizzard's development team in charge of World of Warcraft.

According to the post, there are "a few" Blizzard announcements currently scheduled to be made on Friday, Feb. 18, that "have been in the pipeline for a while" and "were originally planned to be announced at BlizzConnline 2022 before it got canceled."

While much of the post has to do with World of Warcraft, it also seems to drop some major information bombs coming soon about Overwatch 2.

Apparently, an Overwatch 2 closed beta will be announced that starts in "late" February, alongside a "public PvE demo" that is scheduled to run for two weeks in "mid-March" for both console and PC.

Additionally, it seems Blizzard will share information about three new Overwatch 2 characters.

Aside from the Canadian former captain of Overwatch, Sojourn, who was initially revealed at BlizzCon 2019 and has had some of her abilities already discussed, the leak name-dropped two others heroes:

  • Mauga, a "buff tank dude that dual-wields Gatling guns."
  • Yako, a "teenage ninja girl with a giant shuriken and pet fox spirit."

Mauga previously appeared in a comic depicting Baptiste's origin story. Former Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan confirmed Blizzard intended him to be the game's 31st hero, but that he was bumped in favor of Sigma. It's possible the development team returned to Mauga later on, making him a plausible Overwatch 2 hero.

The leaker claiming Mauga and Yako as Overwatch 2 launch heroes shared little to prove their credibility, and Blizzard has yet to comment on the supposed leak.

Ultimately, with Overwatch 2 remaining without an official release window, and the Overwatch League set to play on an "early build" of the game when its season starts up this April, it would certainly make sense to see things heat up on that front very soon.