New Overwatch Glitch Results in Mercy's Face Distorting

Courtesy of Blizzard

Overwatch players found a new glitch that distorts Mercy's face. The glitch in question came from Redditor Hannon_. They uploaded a short twenty-second video of the support hero just emoting until suddenly her face became distorted.

The original poster detailed that in order for the glitch to occur, all players have to do is equip and unequip Mercy's pistol while using the "hello" emote. Hannon_ also revealed that this glitch will work on any graphical setting.

The clip has garnered a good amount of attention on Reddit, with over one thousand upvotes and more than fifty comments. User Ul1_2004 stated that as a result of the glitch, Mercy now looks like a character from the hit Nickelodeon cartoon: Jimmy Neutron. Fans of Overwatch and the show can both agree that the resemblance is actually pretty close. Blizzard hasn't acknowledged the glitch yet, so it is unclear when it will be fixed.

Mercy is one of the many iconic heroes of Overwatch, and was one of the original heroes available when the game launched in 2016. Even in the upcoming sequel, Overwatch's flagship hero has seen multiple glitches and bugs. Hopefully with an October 4 release date, there is more than enough time for Blizzard to polish up Mercy and prevent small glitches like this from occurring again.