New Overwatch Mechanic Makes Sombra Töbrjorn's Worst Nightmare

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

While testing out mechanics in a private match, a Twitch streamer showcased a feature in the game that allows Sombra to completely disable Torbjörn's deployable turret while invisible. Twitch streamer Questron and his friend were in a private match on Route 66 when they decided to practice the mechanic, or possible bug.

The strategy goes like this, while invisible, Sombra flanks the enemy team to try and get a hack. Due to a Torbjörn turret watching the flank, Sombra's hack is impossible to get off without being caught. This mechanic completely negates Torbjörn's turret by using Sombra's Translocator as a distraction.

The strategy is incredibly difficult to pull off as the Translocator requires extremely specific placement directly under the turret. If it's even slightly off the mark the turret will target and destroy it. If Sombra succeeds in placing the Translocator correctly then Torbjörn's turret will lock onto it but be unable to destroy it.

Now that the Torbjörn turret is occupied Sombra can go visible and pull off a hack onto an enemy without being targeted by the turret. Questron even shows himself standing beside it while visible, but, distracted by the Translocator, the turret doesn't start shooting at Questron.

This new disocvery makes Torbjörn's turret ineffectual
This new disocvery makes Torbjörn's turret ineffectual / Photo courtesy of Question

While the strategy would likely be even more difficult to pull off in the heat of the moment during an actual match, the possibility remains open. Torbjörn players will have to be careful for any sneaky Sombra's while Sombra players will have to place their Translocater with surgical precision. Either way players should be prepared for others to test this strategy online.