New Overwatch Tech Allows McCree to Super Jump

McCree can use a new tech to super jump
McCree can use a new tech to super jump / Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

A Twitch streamer discovered a new trick in Overwatch that allows McCree to perform his roll in the air and reach high places that normally aren't accessible.

Overwatch players have always been great at finding crazy tricks and maneuvers, from a Bridgitte counter trick to a combo with Echo and D.Va. This time, McCree gets the spotlight with a super jump that will likely score him quite a few kills.

New Overwatch Tech Allows McCree to Super Jump

Twitch streamer McMagicMarv showcased the air roll tech in his videos. The trick is easy to perform if you're able to pull off the split-second timing. Simply press jump right before you roll, and you'll perform a roll in mid-air.

If you successfully pull it off, you'll be able to tell because you won't hear the reload sound that plays when McCree does a roll on the ground.

McCree's mid-air roll used to be a real move in an experimental patch in September 2020, but Blizzard didn't push it to live because it was too strong. It's uncertain what Blizzard would do about this new trick - they might remove it in the next patch, or let it stay for a while.

In the meantime, this trick can prove extremely useful in real matches, because McCree can now roll up slopes, buildings, or other terrain that he can't normally reach. This can take lots of opponents by surprise and score some easy kills, so be sure to take advantage of it before the developers decide to remove it.