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New Photos Emerge of Fallout TV Series

Fallout 4 concept art.
Fallout 4 concept art. / Image courtesy of Bethesda Game Studios

Some new set photos have emerged of the upcoming Fallout TV series, taking strong inspiration from in-game environments.

Images from Amazon's upcoming Fallout TV series adaptation have been leaked online, giving fans their first glimpse at what the show is shaping up to be. Fans of the game franchise will recognise the impressive set work seen in the images, revealing that the show appears to be heading for a game-accurate look.

The eight new images currently doing the rounds online show a set that's been built to resemble one of the vaults. The same old tech-style metal walls can be seen as the main set pieces, accented by the Vault-Tec blue and yellow color scheme.

A poster is also shown depicting Vault Boy in a super hero-esque costume, holding a shield, with the caption "The outside world can never hurt you."

The images also show a Vault-Tec nursery room, a classroom, and an atrium with a Vault symbol of the number 32.

Not much information about the show has been officially revealed by Amazon or developer Bethesda. The setting for the show, outside of Vault 32, hasn't been announced either. Judging from the attention to detail when it comes to the sets, it seems that the show will be taking heavy inspiration from the popular game franchise.