New Pokemon Snap: Flopping by the Water Ultimate Guide

Photo courtesy of Nintendo
Photo courtesy of Nintendo

Players have many missions through the LenTalk request system on New Pokemon Snap, one of which includes a Flopping by the Water task early in the game. Known as one of the most exciting missions in New Pokemon Snap, fans discovered that it's a tricky task.

New Pokemon Snap: Flopping by the Water Guide

Before you receive this task, you should have a Research Level 3 during the day in Florio Nature Park. You will be assigned this task when you have passed the Crystalbloom and taken the four-star Emolga photo. After arriving at the Bidoof building, you will notice a Pidgeot flying down the trail and landing on a hill.

In order to change Pidgeot's direction, you should throw Fluffruits to irritate the Pidgeot until the flying Pokemon places itself on a tree.

After making Pidgeot move, walk down a trail over the Bidoof damn until you spot the Pidgeot again. There, a Magikarp will be appearing from the water to the right. Throw a few Fluffruits at the Magikarp to irritate it and encourage the Water-Type Pokemon to jump higher.

The Pidgeot will then place its attention on the Magikarp and fly down to grab it. As soon as the Pidgeot grabs Magikarp, take a photo of the scene and send it to Professor Mirror. Fans speculate that the photo will be a guaranteed four-star result.