New Pokemon Snap Head-to-Head Competition: How to Clear

Photo courtesy of Nintendo

Head-to-Head Competition is a LenTalk request task in the New Pokemon Snap game. In the task, you'll be asked to take a picture of some Bouffalant fighting each other. Here are the steps you can take to clear this request task quickly and easily.

New Pokemon Snap Head-to-Head Competition: How to Clear

You'll receive the Head-to-Head Competition task after unlocking the Melody Player. Rita will send you a LenTalk request saying, "I saw some Bouffalant start fighting all of a sudden! I wasn’t expecting that at all.”

To complete the request, go to the Florio Nature Park (Day) area at any research level. You'll want to make sure you have the Melody Player tool before beginning. Start the course, and you'll see a herd of Bouffalant to your right.

In order to make the Bouffalant start fighting, play a melody with your Melody Player by pressing your right bumper, which will agitate the Bouffalant and make them charge at each other. You'll want to capture a picture of two Bouffalant ramming their heads into each other. If you're having trouble, you can also throw an Illumination Orb at a Bouffalant that's further away in order to get it to start attacking.

After taking the photo, you can exit and turn it in to the professor. There aren't any rewards for completing the request, but you can feel satisfied knowing you captured an epic Pokemon battle.