New Pokemon Snap: Hiding in the Sand Walkthrough

Jessica Rogers

New Pokemon Snap has many LenTalk requests that allow players to explore the Lental region and improve their photography skills. Hiding in the Sand is one task that players can complete early in the game. This request involves Stunfisk and Octillery.

Travel to Lental region's Blushing Beach during the day in order to complete this task. Players should travel down an alternate path by using their scanner and then pressing X to begin the trail. While traveling along this path, an Octillery will eventually appear underwater.

New Pokemon Snap: Hiding in the Sand Walkthrough

After spotting the Octillery, press X to scan and prompt the Stunfisk to rise out of the ground. When the Stunfisk appears in the camera's view, give it Fluffruit in order to watch this Pokemon poke its head towards the surface of the water.

If you're struggling with aiming the Fluffruit at the bottom right, press the ZL button in order to zoom in land a more accurate throw. When the Stunfisk collides with the Flufffruit, it will activate a few electric shocks.

Players should capture a photo of the second electric shock, while Stunfisk's move stuns Octillery. Make sure to capture both Pokemon in the photo in order to finish the task and receive a star rating for the photo. Players will also receive an Eye 4 sticker as a reward which can be used to enhance and edit photos.