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New Pokémon Snap Ho-Oh: Where to Find

Photo courtesy of Nintendo
Photo courtesy of Nintendo

Finding Ho-Oh in New Pokémon Snap is a tricky task. This Legendary flying and fire Pokémon can be discovered during New Pokémon Snap's post main storyline. Known as the Guardian of the Skies, read more about how to catch this Legendary Pokémon from the Johto region.

New Pokémon Snap Ho-Oh: Everything You Need to Know

Access your Lental Map in order to locate this Legendary Pokémon in the Voluca region. There, Ho-Oh will be waiting at the level 3 Volcano map in Fireflow Volcano. Ho-Oh can be found in three spots: the sky, the place that you initially spawn, and a spot that is further down the volcano's path. Fans suggest that players should snap a photo of Ho-Oh at the start of the map.

After completing the main story, professional Pokémon photographer Todd will assign you to the Slice of Rainbow mission. Todd hints at a "Legendary Pokémon around the volcano" and tells players to focus at the sky.

If you're having trouble finding Ho-Oh, aim your camera towards the sky and spin it in circles. After spotting Ho-Oh and traveling into the cave area of the volcano, you will receive three rainbow feathers which will generate Ho-Oh in front of you. These feather can be found on the right trail that leads into the Typhlosion chamber.

Throw food by pressing Y and take expressive photos of this Legendary Pokémon.

When you've completed the quest, Professor Mirror can rate your photos and fans speculate that Ho-Oh photos are an instant four stars.