New Pokemon Snap: How to Find Glaceon

Courtesy of Nintendo
Courtesy of Nintendo /

Players can take photos of various Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap, including all of the Eeveelutions. From a fish-tailed Water-type Pokemon to a graceful Grass-type Pokemon, you can discover different types of Eeveelutions in many spots across the Lental Region, one of which includes Glaceon.

Glaceon is an Ice-type Pokemon that can be found in Shiver Snowfields. Player must have a Research Level at rank three before trying to find this Pokemon. Wander around the fields as a few Mamoswine lurk nearby. If you peek at the top of a mountain that is further down this path, you will run into Glaceon. You can find Glaceon during both the day and nighttime, though it is best to capture its photo during the day.

New Pokemon Snap: How to Find Glaceon

Capture a three-star photo of this Ice-type by having it consume a Fluffruit and guide it to the island in the last leg of the Snowfields tour. If you want a four-star rated photo, you can throw an Illumina Orb at Glaceon, which will prompt it to use Diamond Dust. Known for its teal-colored fur and diamond-shaped markings, fans suspect that its design is based on an arctic fox.

While you're looking around Shiver Snowfields, you can also take photos of Skarmory, Weavile, Alolan Vulpix, Froslass and many other Pokemon. Send your photos to Professor Mirror to receive a rating on your photos.