New Pokemon Snap: How to Find Volcarona

Photo courtesy of Nintendo
Photo courtesy of Nintendo /

In the New Pokemon Snap, players are trying to find Volcarona.

Discover Volcarona, a Bug- and Fire-type Legendary Pokemon in the Lental region, and take a four-star rated photo.

New Pokemon Snap: How to Find Volcarona

Encountering and taking a photo of Volcarona is a tricky task to complete from the LenTalk Request system. Volcarona can be found on Voluca Island. As with other missions in the game, Volcarona is the Illumina Pokemon of Voluca Island, which is the boss at the end of the player's path.

Players can spot two Volcarona on Voluca Island. While you train your camera on this Legendary Pokemon, both Volcarona soon use Fire Spin, which counters and prevents the use of Illumina Orbs.

It is recommended to have many Fluffruit before encountering Volcarona as it will help players utilize Illumina Orbs in this situation. When Volcarona begins to use Fire Spin, players should throw Fluffruits to end this move.

While Volcarona stops its Fire Spin, players should then toss an Illumina Orb in order to prompt the the Pokemon's Illumina's form. In order to capture as many photos as possible, turn your camera on Burst Mode.

Make sure to send the photos to Professor Mirror in order to receive a star rating. Other missions on Voluca Island include taking a photo of Skorupi and having Torchic eat a Fluffruit.