New Pokemon Snap: Little Lost Deerling Walkthrough

Jessica Rogers

New Pokemon Snap's Little Lost Deerling quest is a difficult task that might help players earn a four-star rated photograph of a Deerling, Sawsbuck, and Espeon. Located in the Lental region's Elsewhere Forest, players must help a lost Deerling find its Sawsbuck companion.

When traveling through Elsewhere Forest, the Little Lost Deerling task will be featured on the right trail of the forest. You should obtain Research Level 3 before attempting this LenTalk request.

New Pokemon Snap: Little Lost Deerling Walkthrough

After you've found the third open spot of the forest, it is recommended to activate four Crystalblooms with Illumina Orbs in order to guide the Deerling towards the Sawsbuck. Continue lighting the Crystalblooms on your right. If you're having trouble lighting the Crystalblooms, zoom in by pressing the ZL button in order to get a more accurate aim.

After lighting the first two Crystalblooms, players will come across an additional two further down this path. Players should only illuminate the Crystalbloom that is farther away. While leading the Deerling with the Crystalblooms, a Sawsbuck will eventually appear and players should then capture the reunion with their camera.

Taking a photo of the Deerling's happiness will allow players to earn a higher star rating. Players can also capture an Espeon standing beside the Deerling. After completing this task, you will receive a special reward from Professor Mirror.