New Pokemon Snap One Hand Freeze: How to Complete

Courtesy of Nintendo
Courtesy of Nintendo

New Pokemon Snap's One Hand Freezes quest involves capturing a photo of Grookey. Access this quest through the LenTalk request system and enter this task with Research Level 3.

Players can begin this quest through traveling to Florio Nature Park during the day. When beginning the park's trail, you'll soon discover Grookey with Pichu. You should focus your camera on this Grass-type Pokemon until it preforms a handstand.

New Pokemon Snap One Hand Freeze

If you are unable to capture a photo, you can get a second chance when the trail shifts towards Grookey sleeping in the tall grass beside a lake. While many tasks in Pokemon Snap require Illumina Orbs and Fluffruits, this mission simply requires patience as you wait for this Grass-type Pokemon to walk out of the grass and strike a pose.

Once Grookey preforms a handstand, players should zoom in to capture the moment.

Players also get a third chance of taking a photo of Grookey in the last part of the trail. As you notice this Pokemon sprinting across the screen, it will launch into a backflip. After this performance, Grookey might pose with a handstand, but players might struggle capturing the moment with flowers blocking the action.

After taking a photo of Grookey, send the picture to Professor Mirror in order to receive a star rating. With Grookey performing a handstand, players are guaranteed to receive four stars for this photo.