New Pokemon Snap Pester Ball: Everything You Need to Know

Courtesy of Nintendo
Courtesy of Nintendo /

New Pokemon Snap allows many ways to get Pokemon's attention and capture a four-star rated photos. Fans wonder, however, if New Pokemon Snap will eventually include Pester Balls. These Pokemon balls emit a Pokemon repellent that paralyzes or causes Pokemon to faint.

The Pester Ball was introduced in Pokemon Snap in 1999, which is New Pokemon Snap's predecessor. Originally played on the Nintendo 64, players could receive Pester Balls from Professor Oak and use them for taking photos of Pokemon.

New Pokemon Snap Pester Ball: Everything You Need to Know

New Pokemon Snap, however, does not include Pester Balls in its game. Players can still utilize Illumina Orbs and Fluffruit for taking the best photos of Pokemon.

Illumina Orbs are glowing spheres that players receive after unlocking the Lental region's islands. There are six different-colored orbs that have specific specialties. Players can access Illumina orbs through taking pictures of Crystalbloom flowers and illuminated Pokemon. After capturing these photos, make sure to turn them in to Professor Mirror in order to gain Illumina Orbs.

Players can receive several kinds of Illumina Orbs such as Yellow Illumina Orbs and Blue Illumina Orbs. These glowing spheres can only be received through certain times of the day. While orbs are primarily used to take glowing photos of Pokemon, it can also cause Pokemon to preform new forms and reactions in front of the camera.

Fluffruits are also another tool in the player's arsenal for capturing unique photos. Having Pokemon eat Fluffruit is a guaranteed two- to three-star rating for photos. You can also disturb Pokemon's sleep or have them travel to different locations with these fruits.