New Pokemon Snap Proud Warrior: How to Complete

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New Pokemon Snap's Proud Warrior quest involves taking a special photo of Braviary. This Flying-type Pokemon, however, is a tricky photo subject.

Players should reach Research Level 2 before beginning this mission. When starting the Proud Warrior task, travel to Shiver Snowfield at night and follow a pack of Mightyena as they chase a Furret. The Furret will eventually hide in a hole to avoid the Mightyena.

New Pokemon Snap Proud Warrior: How to Complete

It is recommended to throw Fluffruit into the Furret's hole, as it will prompt Braviary to swoop down and intimidate the Furret from eating the Fluffruit. While this Flying-type Pokemon is eating the Fluffruit, you should capture a few photos of it.

Capturing Pokemon's expressions and actions in the game will allow players to earn three or four star rated photos. After you've completed the Proud Warrior quest, send your best photo to Professor Mirror in order to receive a star rating.

Although there aren't any rewards for the Proud Warrior task, players can use this opportunity to practice their photography skills on Braviary.

Known for its courageousness, Braviary was first introduced in Generation V. This Normal- and Flying-type's distinct features include maroon-colored wings and large yellow beak. Braviary has been called the "hero of the skies" in the Pokemon world.