New Pokemon Snap Requests Not Working: How to Fix

Photo courtesy of Nintendo
Photo courtesy of Nintendo /

Players in New Pokémon Snap are having difficulties with the game's LenTalk requests. These requests assign players with missions that consist of snapping pictures of Pokémon in certain spots in the Lental Region.

After players complete their tasks from the LenTalk requests, they receive prizes such as Professor Mirror's Goggles and an Eye 7 Sticker. Although players can accomplish their mission with a photo, the LenTalk request might not mark this task as a finished goal.

New Pokemon Snap Requests Not Working: How to Fix

When you've finished taking a photo, the first step is to send the picture to Professor Mirror. Make sure that the focus of the image is on the Pokémon of the task. If you're having trouble focusing on the Pokémon, turn your camera into Burst Mode.

After you've taken a photo and the LenTalk request system still isn't marking it as complete, you might have submitted the picture before, allowing the system to process it for evaluation as a step prior to getting the task. The game needs players to send a picture that has an equal or higher number of star rating of the initial photo for officially completing the task.

Players also found that they might not have had the photo rated or failed to complete the request's guidelines. For example, when players receive a request of a Torchic burning an apple, the Pokémon shouldn't be eating the apple when you're taking the photo.

After capturing photo, players are required to send it to Professor Mirror in order to receive a rating. Players will not have their requests marked as complete if they don't send their photos for a rating.

In order to finish a task in the LenTalk request system, you should access the LenTalk menu and submit the photo. Submitting a picture before being given a request will also not mark the task as finished.