New PS5 Redesign May Have a Detachable Disc Drive

Image courtesy of Sony

The PlayStation 5 is reportedly due for a redesign nearly two years after its initial launch according to Tom Henderson. While the current versions include a digital download-only console and a disc console, this new overhaul could include a detachable disc drive. In 2021, Sony began rolling out lighter consoles in select areas that, according to users who observed the inside of its hardware, appeared to have a different motherboard and heat sink.

First released in November 2020, the PS5 has undergone several changes including raises in price and cosmetic upgrades. This news comes as Sony revealed the PS5's new DualSense Edge Controller at Gamescom 2022. Prior to sharing news about the detachable disc drives, Henderson tweeted that Sony was set to unveil hardware changes that possibly implied further changes to the console.

According to an article by The Verge, a detachable disc drive may be a solution to users having issues reading discs on their consoles as it will reportedly be able to purchase separately from the individual console or as a unique bundle. Set for a potential release in late 2023, it is unclear whether this change will have an impact on the visual appearance of the console as previous hardware changes have had little to no effect on it at all.