New PUBG Cosmetics to Hit Consoles in October

New PUBG cosmetics will arrive in October
New PUBG cosmetics will arrive in October /

A wave of fresh cosmetics will arrive in PUBG Xbox and PUBG PlayStation 4 in October, according to a PUBG Corp employee.

Reddit user u/visionsofblue posted on the PUBG Console subreddit Tuesday asking what they were supposed to buy with coupons now that level tickets were no longer available.

Community coordinator Grant "Takarii" Hickey responded to the thread confirming players would soon have a new place to sink their BP.

"We will be adding a bunch of new items to the ingame store in october that will be purchasable with BP," Hickey wrote. He neglected to share specifics about the coming cosmetics. No release date has yet been publicized.

The last significant round of PUBG Console cosmetics arrived Aug. 27 in PUBG Update 4.2. That update introduced Season 4 and a new Survivor Pass complete with legions of new items to collect. Following a small hiccup preventing purchases on PS4, all cosmetics released in that update are currently available regardless of platform.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp