Apex Legends

New Rampart Trick Can Buff the Sheila Minigun

Photo by Respawn Entertainment/EA

An Apex Legends player by the name of StaphAttack uploaded a clip to Reddit detailing how to use the Sheila Minigun with virtually zero recoil. In the clip, Rampart was riding on the side of a trident, and to Staph's surprise, he was able to shoot the minigun with insane accuracy while in the vehicle. The above-average accuracy was due to the Sheila somehow having little to no recoil while being used in the trident.

In the comment section, StaphAttack explained exactly how the trick works. He said "Sheila fires the spread gets tighter and tighter. If you mount Sheila on the trident the spread doesn’t reduce the full amount and just sprays.” It is unclear if this trick works for every gun in the game, or just on the Sheila, but either way, it is bound to cause problems in the Apex Legends community.

With the trick being extremely simple, players should have no trouble exploiting this recoil glitch to decimate their enemies. This new exploit comes right after reports of hackers kidnapping other players and an abundance of leaks.

With the abundance of issues going on in Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment undoubtedly has its work cut out for them.