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New Report Claims Sony is Working on PS5 Pro Controller

The new controller will allegedly be keeping in style with the PS5 DualSense.
The new controller will allegedly be keeping in style with the PS5 DualSense. / Image courtesy of Sony

According to some new leaks, Sony is reportedly developing a PS5 Pro controller.

The report comes via known leaker Tom Henderson for Try Hard Guides, who says that Sony is apparently working on a “genuine professional controller” for the PlayStation 5. According to the report, Sony is set to reveal the hardware in the coming weeks.

The project is apparently codenamed "Hunt" and will include a few features such as removable analog sticks, trigger stops, rear buttons, and removable grips. Henderson's sources also claimed to have pictures of the prototype, which had been sent to Henderson under the condition that they will not published and the sources remain anonymous.

According to Henderson, the PS5 Pro controller will be similar in style to the current PlayStation 5 DualSense controller and will have "significant software upgrades."

At the time of writing, a definitive release date for either the controller or the announcement has yet to be given, with the report simply saying that "it should be soon". And, as always with leaks, it's best to set reasonable expectations.

Several of Henderson's sources have also claimed that Sony is set to unveil new hardware towards the end of the month, though makes it clear that this doesn't include a new console. Whether the new controller will be revealed at the same time remains to be seen.