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New Skin Causing Warzone Invisibility Glitch Just Days After Raven Software Fixed Previous One

Image courtesy of Activision

It seems Warzone players have found yet another invisibility glitch just days after Raven Software fixed the previous one.

You certainly need some resolve to play through matches of Warzone, particularly in recent times. When one glitch is taken down, another simply rises up in its place. That's certainly been the case for the recent invisibility glitches.

This particular glitch has been causing a lot of problems in the game as of late, with players exploiting a Tier 100 Battle Pass skin that renders the user invisible. The “Awoken” Francis Operator skin appeared invisible beyond a certain distance. Not only has this been frustrating for players caught up in a match with this skin, but it's essentially a paid skin making this exploit somewhat "pay-to-win."

Fortunately, Raven Software were soon on the case and issued a fix for this particular skin. Sadly, though, that wasn't the end of it.

New Skin Causing Warzone Invisibility Glitch Just Days After Raven Software Fixed Previous One

Just days after the fix was deployed for the "Awoken" Francis Operator skin, players soon discovered that another skin was causing the same glitch.

Redditor andrewkbmx posted to the site a video clip of another invisible skin that they encountered. From the clip, it's clear that the Operator in question is Wraith. The glitch renders the player invisible from the neck down so it's tricky to see exactly what skin is causing the bug.

One commentor pointed out that this skin seemed to going invisible closer to the player than the Francis skin, making it a bit trickier to spot. Needless to say, Warzone players won't be too pleased with having to deal with yet another invisibility glitch.

Hopefully, Raven Software will be on the case a bit sooner this time. The studio has already been made aware of its existence so hopefully a fix will be imminent.