New Skull Warzone Icon Explained

A new radiation zone in Warzone turns players into zombies.
A new radiation zone in Warzone turns players into zombies. / Photo courtesy of Activision

A new skull icon appearing in the HUDs of Call of Duty: Warzone players has them looking for an explanation. With contamination levels rising in Verdansk to 100%, a new radiation zone which turns players into zombies has sprung up. The skull is tied to those zombies.

Zombies were reintroduced to Warzone when the Vodianoy, a cargo tanker, crashed on the shores of Verdansk. The infection eventually spread to other parts of the city, including the Prison, Hospital, Acropolis National Bank, and Superstore.

Infection levels began to rise rapidly each week, and according to the Call of Duty Blog, on April 15 they hit 100%. Players can now turn into zombies if they meet a death by radiation. Zombie players will be able to run faster, jump higher, take zero fall damage, and not be affected by the Verdansk gas cloud.

New Skull Warzone Icon Explained

Many Warzone players are surely wondering what the new skull icon means in the midst of the recent zombie developments. The skull icon, which is located in the top-right corner of the screen, features an adjacent number. This indicates how many player-controlled zombies there currently are on the map.

With the latest zombie developments, it seems that the end is near. The nuke event that was leaked in December of 2020 is finally coming to fruition, and this may mark a permanent change for Verdansk.