New Sniper Rifle Arrives in Apex Legends Season 4

The Sentinel will hit Apex Legends in Season 4
The Sentinel will hit Apex Legends in Season 4 / Respawn Entertainment

The Sentinel is Apex Legends' next new weapon, Respawn Entertainment revealed Thursday.

The Sentinel is a bolt action sniper rifle players will be able to wield for the first time in Apex Legends Season 4.

Design director Jason McCord described the gun during a livestream Thursday, highlighting a key difference between it and previous Apex Legends sniper rifles.

"It's a little different from our other sniper rifles because it has a charge mechanic," he said. "[I] don't want to go too deep on that right now, but it does give you a little more decision-making to do whenever you're taking those shots."

Previous Apex Legends snipers such as the Kraber and the G7 Scout have largely stuck to conventional ballistics. The Charge Rifle, while not explicitly a sniper, often filled a similar function with a potentially similar charge mechanic.

Respawn Entertainment will reveal more information about the Sentinel as Apex Legends Season 4's Feb. 4 start date approaches. It will bring with it the game's next playable Legend, Forge, in addition to changes both to World's Edge and the ranked system.