A new tactical gun for Fortnite was announced Tuesday via the game's in-client news system.

The weapon, titled the Tactical Shotgun, is in fact an upgraded version of the Tactical Shotgun that has been in Fortnite since the game launched its battle royale mode. This variant will be available in epic and legendary rarities, with an accompanying stat boost.

New Tactical Gun Fortnite Teased

The in-game description for the Tactical Shotgun reads "Get up close and personal with the new Epic and Legendary variants of the Tactical Shotgun!"

Based on art included in the message, these variants of the Tactical Shotgun will have a redesigned appearance. This makes it another in a line of weapons given intimidating redesigns at their highest rarities.

The Tactical Shotgun variants are expected to arrive in Fortnite in the upcoming Fortnite Patch 9.40. Epic Games plans to launch the patch Wednesday.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games