New Thanos Skin for Fortnite Possibly Coming Soon

Thanos was first seen in Fortnite during his own limited-time mode in 2018.
Thanos was first seen in Fortnite during his own limited-time mode in 2018. / Courtesy of Epic Games.

A new skin for Thanos could possibly come to Fornite, according to leaks. In yet another Fortnite data mine, username @Mang0e_ released a tweet noticing that there was an animation added for an "extra-large skin" in patch 15.40, the most recent one. The user went on to point out that so far, Thanos is the only extra-large skin of the game.

Thanos first appeared live in the battle royale on May 8, 2018 on patch version 4.1, although announcements about his upcoming presence had been made prior to the release of his own limited-time game mode. This was around the time which Avengers: Infinity War was released to theaters all over the world. The collaboration between Marvel and Epic Games proved to be fruitful on both ends since multiple Avengers fans later confessed to playing the game in lieu of the limited-time game mode featuring Thanos. All the while, Marvel was getting publicity from Epic Games.

It is worth noting that this is a new animation found by the data miner, at no point did it specifically state that it was Thanos although the original post did draw the connection. For the most part, this is speculation on the side of players, since allegedly some have tried to get an early glimpse at the "Thanos skin" and failed.

Other members of the community have pointed out that the collaboration with The Flash is still ongoing, and based on previous hints, a character like Gorilla Grogg may make an appearance if there is an event of the same scale as "The Snap." The previous hints are from December 2020, when a Reddit user received a backpack (from Epic Games) with a bunch of items that alluded to Hunters that were already in the game, but players have been scrambling for clues as to who may be next. A clue that perplexes most are bananas. While some claim that it could be Gorilla Grogg, other players also point to Winston from Overwatch.

Regardless, we will have to wait and see once the skin releases. At this point, it is mainly speculation that has some precedent to it. Which extra large skin do you think will be coming out soon?