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New Twisted Metal PS5 Game Reportedly in the Works

Twisted Metal (2012)
Twisted Metal (2012) / Image courtesy of Eat Sleep Play Inc.

A new Twisted Metal game could be in the works for the PlayStation 5, according to sources.

According to VCG, sources have revealed that UK-based studio Lucid Games could be helming a new Twisted Metal game. The studio, perhaps best known for developing Destruction AllStars, has apparently started early development on the new vehicular combat game. This would mark the first entry in over 10 years for the franchise, the last being a 2012 Twisted Metal for the PlayStation 3.

The game is apparently on course to be released in 2023, coinciding with the release of the Twisted Metal TV series coming that same year. The series is set to feature Avengers star Anthony Mackie, and will be working closely with PlayStation to help produce the show.

New Twisted Metal PS5 Game Reportedly in the Works

The revival game is supposedly set to operate around a free-to-play model, likely in response to Destruction AllStars' switch to being offered as a PlayStation Plus game. Destruction AllStars, announced at the PlayStation 5 reveal event, generated a bit of controversy upon release. The game was initially set to cost $69.99 at launch, straying away from the industry standard for AAA releases at $59.99.

The game was eventually delayed to February 2021, where it launched as a PlayStation Plus game and was available for free for the first two months of the game's release. A paid digital release was made available for a drastically reduced price of $19.99. The game received mixed reviews upon release, with many praising the driving mechanics and combat but criticising the level of microtransactions.

Despite the reception to Destruction AllStars, Lucid Games has been entrusted with continuing the well-loved Twisted Metal franchise. It remains to be seen in what direction the studio will take the series. Until then, fans will no doubt be waiting patiently for the next look at the upcoming game.