New Valorant Bundle 'Protocol' Revealed

Photo courtesy Riot Games

Starting off 2022, Riot Games has introduced its first skin bundle called PROTOCOL_781-A of the new year. This new skin appears sleek in the new trailer, with an emphasis on control in a dystopian-like world. 

New Valorant Bundle 'Protocol' Revealed

Leaked on Jan. 7, 2022, PROTOCOL_781-A is a robotic bundle set that is the newest addition to Valorant’s skin selection. After being leaked, Riot had released its official trailer, demonstrating the set in a post-apocalyptic setting that has taken over the Valorant world with an oppressive system that is set to destroy anything against the rules.

This skin bundle will become available to purchase on the release of Act 4: Disruption, which will be released around Jan. 12. As of now, a price has not been revealed about the bundle.

The set includes a melee, sheriff, spectre, bulldog, and phantom. As the trailer showed a possibility of changing colors besides red, and a localized voice-over that communicates with its user, which is a first for a Valorant skin bundle.

In addition to its special features, it also has two knife animations once used and a finisher.

The set may be inspired by series such as Terminator and Robocop, giving the Valorant community a futuristic cyborg addition to their lineup as there has not been a cosmetic item such as this bundle.