New Valorant Map Fracture Revealed

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Riot Games has officially revealed that the new Valorant map will be called Fracture. The trailer release comes off the back of days of teasers by the official Valorant Twitter account.

Riot Games has spent the last few days teasing the new map using short gifs on Twitter. Now, the official trailer for the map is public. While little is still officially confirmed about the map, we know that it will be released with Act Two of the current Valorant episode, Reflection. Act One will end on Sept. 7 while Act Two will go live on Wednesday, Sept. 8.

New Valorant Map Fracture Revealed

According to known Valorant leaker ValorLeaks, Fracture will be an H shaped map. Defenders will spawn in the middle of the map while attackers will spawn on both sides of the map. This will create a unique scenario that no other current Valorant map offers, where the attackers will spawn split from each other. The defenders will also be positioned to start the game much more aggressively than typical.

This is all that is known for the time being about the new Valorant map. Fracture will surely be a breath of fresh air to the game, adding a new spin on the traditional First Person Shooter map set up.