New Warzone Idea Would Limit the Power of Vehicles

Vehicle fuel limits would shift the meta to more ground-based combat
Vehicle fuel limits would shift the meta to more ground-based combat / Courtesy of Activision

Call of Duty Warzone has had its issues with what players were considering overpowered. The trick to a good battle royale is making sure every player feels they've got a fighting chance, but if one gun is on a different level than the rest, or having access to a helicopter guarantees a victory, something needs to be adjusted.

Right now, in Warzone, there's some worry about vehicles. Vehicles have always been a point of contention in this game as it's difficult to hit shots when a car is barreling towards you at high speeds. The devs made taking them down just a bit more difficult when they allowed players to place trophy systems on their vehicles.

Limit Fuel Amounts?

Reddit user darth_scion made a post offering their own fix to the problem: the addition of a dedicated fuel reserve. If you add a specific amount of fuel in the tank for these vehicles, you "would prevent people from driving the vehicles back and forth around the entire map [for] the whole game."

Darth_scion admits they aren't sure how this would be implemented in the game, but thinks it would solve some of the overpowered vehicle problems. Players would no longer be able to drive around dodging fights stalling for the final circle and an easy high placement; it would encourage a lot more combat.

One commentor did mention that they don't think vehicles are as overpowered anymore. outside solos. With all the C4 and RPGs, CavScout00 says "most people just use them to get from point a to point b." Although, if this is true, I see no reason why a dedicated fuel reserve will affect their gameplay at all.