New Warzone Map Urzikstan Revealed for Modern Warfare 3


The new Warzone map for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has been leaked: Urzikstan.

Images of the map's layout and gameplay video were posted to social media during Call of Duty: NEXT prior to the gameplay portion of the broadcast. This is the first look at the new map and it seems the trend moving forward will be to introduce a new Warzone map with each Call of Duty release.

Check out gameplay posted by TacticalBrit on YouTube below, the original post from WarzoneInsider on X here.

Warzone Urzikstan MW3 Map Points of Interest

Here's the full list of POIs in Urzikstan:

  • Levin Resort
  • Popov Power
  • Orlov Military Base
  • Seaport District
  • Urzikstan Cargo
  • Old Town
  • Low Town
  • Hadiqa Farms
  • Zaravan City
  • Zaravan Suburbs
  • Shahin Manor

The map looks much more vibrant and a bit more akin to Verdansk in terms of layout. Now, of course nothing will quite hit like Verdansk did when Warzone launched in 2020. But, having a strong map will only help the game's popularity moving forward. Especially considering Warzone Mobile will feature Verdansk. If Urzikstan isn't a hit at launch, players are going to be clamoring for new experiences fast or opt for another battle royale game on the market.

Modern Warfare Zombies to be Played on Urzikstan

Activision revealed during Call of Duty NEXT that the new Zombies mode (MWZ) will be played on the Urzikstan map. The map will be outfitted to include popular Zombies features like Buy Stations, the Mystery Box and wall buys.

Stay tuned for more information on Urzikstan.