Call of Duty

New Warzone Sniper Reticle Breaks the Game

Call of Duty: Bullseye Reticle
Call of Duty: Bullseye Reticle | Courtesy of "Activision"

A new sniper bug in Warzone has been found that's completely ruining the game for players. A particular reticle is the source of the problem and with it, equipped gamers will immediately notice a hard dip in frame rate to the point where the game is basically unplayable.

New Warzone Sniper Reticle Breaks the Game

Reddit user eggybread_1 was the first person to experience this bug, his framerate to a disgusting drop as soon as he equipped the Tundra rifle while dropping in. The dip made it impossible for him to open his parachute and ultimately made him crash into the ground and die. But the weirdest thing happened while his character was downed, after switching classes he was able to fire his assault rifle as if nothing happened.

The Warzone community tested and uncovered that the source of this problem was the Bullseye optic reticle. The reticle was added to the game during Black Ops: Cold War Season 1 battle pass, where players could unlock it at Tier 88. There was no issue with the reticle previously so the current bug could be due to the most recent patch to Warzone.

Raven Software has yet to make any statement addressing this issue so it's unknown whether they're actively working to get this bug out of the game. It's also unknown whether this bug spans across all platforms so until it officially patched out of the game players should absolutely keep away from using this reticle.