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New Warzone Stim Glitch is Breaking the Game Again

CoD Warzone
CoD Warzone / Photo Courtesy of Call of Duty

Glitches and bugs have plagued Call of Duty: Warzone often over the past few years, some more game-breaking than others. One glitch that has surfaced multiple times is the stim glitch, allowing players to extend their lives when with self-healing.

The glitch has appeared multiple times in Warzone, and it looks like a new Warzone Stim Glitch is once again breaking the game.

In the past, the stim glitch has benefitted those who exploited it. However, this version of the stim glitch seems to be doing the opposite, as Reddit user soulr3k shared to the CODWarzone Reddit.

In the video, the player applied a Stim to recover their health, but was immediately out down by their opponent. Typically, a stim is meant to help you stay in the fight and regain health. However, this stim was practically useless for soulr3k.

When looking to comments for answers on what could've happened in the clips, one user claimed that this is because Stims don’t work when you have the speed boost, and to simply refresh it instead. According to soulr3k, Stims previously canceled out your speed boost, and the developers may have fixed that in a recent update patch, so this glitch can be intentional by Raven Software.

At the time of writing there isn't any new Stim patches in the game or recently leaked, so it's unclear if this is an actual glitch or just a way to only reset your speed boost. If it's the latter, at least players know this is the case now at the expense of soulr3k.