Call of Duty

New Warzone XP Glitch Discovered in King Kong's Testicles

Call of Duty Warzone: Operation Monarch, is live in-game now
Call of Duty Warzone: Operation Monarch, is live in-game now / Photo courtesy of Raven Software, Infinity Ward/Twitter user @PlaystationSize

Many XP glitches have been discovered in Call of Duty: Warzone over the years, allowing for players to farm XP with ease. They are usually pretty simple methods, requiring players to maybe attack a certain thing or visit a certain location. However, a new Warzone XP glitch has players attacking King Kong in one of the few places where the sun doesn't shine in Caldera in order to get massive amounts of XP.

You read that correctly, Warzone players have found an XP Glitch in Kong's testicles. Call of Duty Warzone's Operation Monarch event, which sees the invasion of Caldera by King Kong and Godzilla, has brought players face to face with the giant beasts, and players have to attack them before Kong and Godzilla's fits of rage kill players instantly.

There are many ways to attack Godzilla and Kong, but for the latter, it appears that if you can get past his swiping attacks and aim straight for his private parts, you can get a massive amount of XP. A clip posted on the Warzone subreddit, which has since been removed shows a player flying a helicopter toward's King Kong's giant testicles, avoiding Kong's crushing blows. Getting past Kong to hit his blind spot appears to reward players with a continuous stream of XP.

It's unclear whether the clips removal means that the XP glitch has already been fixed, however, just trying to see if the glitch still works is worth the try, and immediate laughter you'll get from coming in close contact with Kong's balls.

As mentioned before, this is easier said than done, with Kong's attacks doing enough damage to eliminate players instantly. But if you can get past this high risk, you've got big rewards waiting for you.