New World Animal Instincts Quest Details

New World
New World / Credit to Amazon Games Studio

In order to reach tier three camping players will have to complete the New World Animal Instincts Quest.

The Animal Instincts quest is given to players by Tosch once the player reaches level 25. This quest tasks players with collecting claws from a wild cat and scales from an alligator so he can study how to tame them.

New World Animal Instincts Quest

After players have initiated the quest there will be two areas marked on their map where they can hunt for wildcats and alligators. Players will have to kill four of each to collect enough materials for Tosch. These animals can be tough to kill so prepare for these fights before hand by bringing proper weapons and cooking healing items for the journey.

Once the mission is completed players will be rewarded with tier three camping, some experience and a little bit of gold. If you did not have tier two camping before completing this quest then you will be rewarded with tier two camping instead of tier three. In this situation, players need to complete the Friends in Fashion quest to earn the additional camping tier.