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New World Best Healer Build Guide

New World best healer builds for juicing up your allies but also making sure you are not left out for dust if you have to do some solo content.

New World Best Healer Build

This particular healer build will have you equipped with a Life Staff for your healing, and an Ice Staff so your damage output isn't negligible. In dungeons, you will find yourself healing mostly, but popping down some of your AoE damaging spells will let the healer not be so one-note.

Life Magic Talents

You want to go a little wide in the Life Magic talent trees, delving into both Healing and Protector. From Healing, you'll want to pick up the abilities Divine Embrace and Sacred Ground, and from Protector grab Beacon. Divine Embrace is a basic healing spell that you will be spamming to top off allies, making sure they are healthy for the ensuing fights. Sacred Ground is a little more interactive, creating a dome on the ground lasting 15 seconds that heals players inside per tick. Beacon under the Protector tree is particularly game-changing, giving the healer some AoE damage and healing.

Ice Magic Talents

Seeing as there will be some solo content to delve into, Ice Magic is a must to have some type of damage output on your healer. Dip your toes ever so slightly in Builder to pick up the ability Entombed, and fill out Ice Tempest by picking up Ice Spikes and Ice Storm. Entombed can provide the healer with some excellent self-peel, mana regen, and protection. The knockback from Entombed finishing or being canceled with LMB can provide excellent self-peel if the healer finds themselves in a sticky situation. Ice Spike provides the healer with some nice burst damage, perfect for eking out kills in PvP, or as a source of general damage in solo questing. While Ice Storm does put out some solid damage, the 25% slow in the hands of a healing class acts as some nice utility to set up kills for the DPS classes fighting alongside you.

This healer build's primary focus lies in the healing and utility it can bring, while also not screwing yourself over for solo content because you lack damage.