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New World Best Tank Build Guide

The tank build below allows for some tanking without a shield, could be fun!
The tank build below allows for some tanking without a shield, could be fun! / Amazon Games

New World best tank build gives the player a few choices for how'd they like to play their tank. The beauty of the weapon system allows for a lot of customization.

New World Best Tank Build

The two weapons you want to focus on with this particular tank build will be the Sword and Hatchet. The pairing of these two allows the player to have a potent melee presence, while also being able to soak up lots of damage as a tank would in dungeons, quests, or world PvP.

Sword Talents

As expected, you want to fully dive into the Defender tree, picking up the abilities Shield Rush, Shield Bash, and Defiant Stance. Shield Rush gives the tank some much-needed mobility while you likely have that heavy armor equipped. Shield Bash will act as one of the primary sources of crowd control, dealing a little bit of damage to foes in front of you, and applying a nice two-second stun. If you have a Carnelian gem equipped on your sword, Shield Bash's taunt increases to a whopping six seconds, making it a game-changing ability. Defiant Stance is your basic mitigation cooldown so you can take on big damage from bosses' or players' burst windows.

Hatchet Talents

Seeing as busted as some of the Hatchet talents like Berserking are, it's no surprise that a melee-focused setup like this would opt to take some of the best options Hatchet has to offer. You will be going a little more wide, picking up abilities from both Berserker and Throwing. Pick up the abilities Berserk, Rending Throw, and Infected Throw. Rending and Infected Throw give some nice utility to the tank, letting the player choose who to debuff with reduced healing and reduced damage. Both 'Throw' abilities allow the tank to not have zero presence in the ranged department, as Berserking and the three Defender talents more than cover the melee side of things.

Berserking is pretty overtuned right now, and when combined with the beefiness from Defender talents, and the ranged assistance from both throws, this tank build covers a lot of ground.