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New World Beta Server Status: How to Check

Photo by Amazon Games

The launch of New World's closed beta on July 20 has brought in over 200,000 players, testing the strength of Amazon Games' servers. The sheer amount of players has caused many servers to lag or stutter as they try to sustain the ongoing demand. As such, players can oftentimes find servers down for maintenance as server stability is reobtained.

Developers for New World have done a couple major maintenances so far, bringing all servers down temporarily. Aside from checking the status in game, players can refer to New World's social media pages such as Twitter for ongoing updates and information regarding server status. This is an easy way to access up to date information so that players can hop back into the game as soon as possible.

New World Beta Server Status: How to Check

When regions are not down for a full scheduled maintenance, players can still find certain servers are individually down for maintenances. These players can find it helpful to have a way to reliably check on the current status of their individual server. Amazon Games has a server status checker on their official website for players to see all active servers in real time.

The official server status includes:

  • All regions including US East, US West, EU Central, SA East, and AP Southeast
  • Specific servers within the region
  • Date and time when the server status was last updated