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New World Faction Armor Sets

Photo courtesy of Amazon Games

New World gives new players an easy option to gear their characters while leveling with faction armor sets. At level 10 players decide which faction they will join – Marauder, Covenant, or Syndicate, and unlock their corresponding faction associate. After completing quests given by the associate, players accumulate currency they can then use to purchase faction armor sets that correspond to their current level.

The tiers of faction armor available for purchase from the associate are:

  • Adept: level 15 to 24
  • Scrivener: level 25 to 39
  • Chronicler: level 40 to 54
  • Alchemist: level 55 to 60

New World Faction Armor Sets

The only cosmetic difference between faction armor sets are the color schemes used on the fabrics that correspond to the assigned faction. Players are able to purchase all available weapons in-game through the faction associate, along with full sets of light, medium, and heavy gear that can be mixed and matched.

Players can also purchase runes and seals from the associate that allow them to change assigned attribute stats on their gear for a more customizable gearing experience. This allows DPS, healers, and tanks to run light, medium, or heavy armor without sacrificing desired attribute points that contribute to overall DPS, healing, or survivability.