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New World Fae Iron: How to Mine Fae Iron

Fae Iron is a rare New World drop.
Fae Iron is a rare New World drop. / Photo courtesy of Amazon Games

New World's Fae Iron is an unusually rare resource that new players don't get access to until they've dumped a substantial amount of time into the game — it can't be mined until the player doing the mining has reached at least level 50. Even then, the drop rates aren't very forgiving. Here's what you need to know to collect some Fae Iron for yourself.

New World Fae Iron: How to Mine Fae Iron

In theory, Fae Iron should drop from the same nodes as regular iron. It's a rare drop from those nodes, but the exact drop rates aren't yet available. As time passes, the community will put in the time to research data such as that, but for now we're all flying blind.

Whatever the drop rate is, several players have found it frustrating. There are posts on the game's official forums and on the official subreddit from players wondering if the resource has even been added to the game yet.

"Has anyone actually found fae iron yet?" wrote u/SunPraisin. "its supposed to drop from iron nodes but ive mined well over 2000 iron ore by now without a single drop."

Other players suggest that reaching 70 mining makes the process easier, as does using gear with the Miner's Luck perk, which provides a variable percent chance of getting rarer items when mining. There are also mining potions and other buffs players can take advantage of to increase the drop rate, either through crafting the buffs themselves or buying them on the market board.