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New World Fibers: Where to Find Them

Photo courtesy of Amazon Games

New World's release on Tuesday, Sept. 28, saw an explosion of players with over 700,000 concurrent on day one. As players begin exploring the game, they're looking for ways to differentiate their characters from others'. The most obvious solution is through clothing which players must make using linen and players need fibers to craft linen.

Fibers can often be tricky to find without any idea as to where it's found. Before players begin scouring the expansive land of New World for fibers, here's where to look:

New World Fibers: Where to Find Them

In New World, Fibers are obtained through Hemp plants which are scattered throughout Aeternum, the world of New World. To successfully harvest Fiber from Hemp players will need a sickle. Once they have one, they merely need to click 'E' in front of any Hemp plant. Sickles can be crafted at camp and then equipped to players' character.

Hemp plants are tall, green, and have redish-brown leaves on the top, like in the picture below:

New World Fibers: Where to Find Them
Fiber is harvested for Hemp Plant / Photo courtesy of Amazon Games

Hemp is generally found in the Grasslands and Forests of Aeternum, more specifically in territories of Everfall, First Light, Monarch's Bluff, and Windsward. Though, there are specific locations which players have found more conducive to harvesting the plant: Chason Steep, Crone's Rest, Dayspring Mills, Fisherman's Bend, and Olcott Family Farm.

Players can find Hemp at Chason Steep in the northeast region of Monarch's Bluff. Crone's Rest is another popular location to the southeast of Devil's Quarry. Once player's find First Light Village they should head northeast to reach Dayspring Mills. Fisherman's Bend is located at the west edge of Windsward. Finally, Olcott Family Farm is in the southwest part of Everfall.

Happy harvesting!