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New World Hits Over 700,000 Players on Day One

Image courtesy of Amazon Games

The latest MMO New World, from Amazon Games, has already proven to be a hit with players.

New World was a highly anticipated release and, having launched yesterday, it seems players have been clamoring to get stuck into the new MMO. The game reached over 700,000 concurrent Steam players on day one and, at the time of writing, still sits at a healthy 502,237 players on Steam.

Of course, despite its initial success, the game has had its fair share of troubles. The game suffered from a few delays to its official launch, initially scheduled for release in May 2020. The game was then delayed to Aug. 31, 2021, and then again to its final date of Sept. 28, 2021.

Many players noted server issues and long queue times, which, for a day one release isn't unexpected. It's clear that player interest around the game surpassed Amazon Games' expectations, with the company opening up more worlds to help combat the congestion. Some players, though, experienced more errors than just lengthy wait times. Some found themselves continuously pushed further back into the queue, despite initially sitting towards the start. One Steam user, AFC_HIGHBURY, said they had "been kicked multiple times now in queue. Gone from 200, 400, 500 now sitting at just under 800."

Amazon Games have said that they're looking to work on player log-in issues, which caused the majority of the long queue times. New servers are to be added for each region as necessary, so players should keep an eye out for any updates if they're still experiencing issues.

We're now in day two of the public release of New World, so all eyes are on Amazon Games to see if they can retain its player base going forward.