New World Overwolf: Should You Use the Mini Map Addon?

Image provided by Amazon Games.
Image provided by Amazon Games. /

Amazon’s New World is shaping up to be a huge success, though the lack of features in the game has given rise to mods fixing those oversights. One particular mod on Overwolf has taken off, though.

Overwolf is a site known for distributing mods meant to supplement games, allowing players to submit their own addons for others to use. As of now, many New World players are unsure whether using addons found on Overwolf to enhance their gameplay experiences goes against the game’s terms of service, though Amazon is currently in talks with the platform to see if they could work something out. 

In any case, add-ons can improve any player’s time in the game, and are worth considering for any playthrough.

New World Overwolf: Should You Use the Mini Map Addon?

Currently, one Overwolf mod has seen widespread use in the New World community, and it’s Leon Machen’s “Aeternum Map” addon. This game extension provides the player with a much-needed minimap of the overworld, alongside many features that most in-game maps have built in.

While the application is still a work-in-progress, players can already utilize the mod for a multitude of purposes. On top of being an indicator of where the player is in the world, markers can also be made on the map to mark various points, including any collectibles the player picked up. 

The map also reads the player data and makes any adjustments as necessary, and also automatically boots up when the game is launched. Planned development for future updates includes a navigation system, the addition of Dungeons, and guild markers. It’s shaping up to be a fine mod, indeed. 

New World is now available to play on PC.