New World Petalcap: Where to Find Petalcap

New World's Petalcap is a powerful reagent.
New World's Petalcap is a powerful reagent. / Photo courtesy of Amazon Games

New World's Petalcap is a resource players can harvest from mushroom patches around the game's map. Collecting a handful is a necessary step in the quest Weakness of the Ego — alongside collecting some Rivercress Stem. Here's where to find some Petalcap reliably.

New World Petalcap: Where to Find Petalcap

Although New World's closed beta only just began, players are starting to compile resources about where to find the game's many ingredients and collectibles. That being said, those resources are far from comprehensive at this early date — it may be a little while before the New World community has put together full guides.

Still, there are some indications of where to find Petalcap. Some players report being able to find it in north First Light, near the the border with Wind's Ward.

Petalcap is an Earth Reagent in crafting the following recipes:

  • Common Ancient Coating
  • Strong Endurance Potion
  • Strong Ancient Coating
  • Strong Beast Ward Potion
  • Strong Nature Absorption Potion
  • Powerful Health Potion
  • Powerful Endurance Potion
  • Powerful Focus Potion
  • Powerful Ancient Coating
  • Powerful Beast Ward Potion
  • Powerful Nature Absorption Potion
  • Infused Health Potion
  • Infused Endurance Potion
  • Infused Focus Potion
  • Infused Beast Ward Potion
  • Infused Nature Absorption Potion