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New World Players Call for Mass-Reporting Fix for PvP Wars

Image courtesy of Amazon Games

Players in New World are experiencing a mass-reporting problem, where opponents have been abusing the feature to win wars.

New World has proved to be a popular success with many players, finding a huge base within the Twitch community. But while the game might still be fairly fresh, New World has already experienced its fair share of problems. One issue that has been making the rounds lately is the abuse of the 'report player' function.

A large feature of New World are the wars to claim territory, which take the form of large 50v50 battles between rival factions. Each faction fights to claim settlements and territory, along with all of the benefits that come with it. These epic-scale battles might be the pinnacle of New World's PvP, but it hasn't been without its problems.

New World Players Call for Mass-Reporting Fix for PvP Wars

Some players in New World have been using the reporting feature to mass-report players during the PvP wars. By abusing this feature, people have managed to lock-out other players from their accounts for 24 hours. By doing this on such a large scale mid-war, it has led to unfair victories in the battle for territory.

Many have taken to Reddit to raise the issue, asking if this is currently being looked into. User 'grayson1478' posted that 50 people in their 100-person company have been banned. "We have to give up our hard fought territory because everyone can press report a couple times? This is crazy we need a fix ASAP."

At the time of writing the Reddit post has received over 2,500 upvotes, presenting the problem as a burden for many in the playerbase. As it stands, there appears to be no repercussions for mass-reporting, allowing players to purposely disrupt the game as much as they like. A fix for this would no doubt be a welcome addition, though with no word from Amazon Games yet it could be a while before we see a resolution.