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New World PvP Scaling: How Does it Work?

A 1v1 between two players in New World
A 1v1 between two players in New World / Amazon Games

New World PvP scaling has been a contentious point for those exploring Aeternum for the first time these past couple weeks during the closed beta window.

New World PvP Scaling: How Does it Work?

It must be said before anything else: the systems currently in the game that players have seen during the closed beta are subject to change, and with community feedback we may see some major shifts in how PvP scaled in the closed beta.

Weapon damage as a factor in determining damage in New World PvP scaling is a bit unclear. The general consensus seems to be that weapon damage in PvE situations are base weapon damage + character attributes. For example, your base sword weapon damage is 120 + your strength is 32, your damage is then calculated with those two numbers in mind.

Light attacks deal roughly 10% of the enemy's max HP, without taking into account resistances, armor, and tank abilities like Fortify that mitigate damage based on a percent.

A higher gear score will mean that you mitigate a greater amount of damage, seeing as your resistances based on your gear will be higher. A level 20 player versus a level 60 player will be quite different: the level 60 will have access to specific resistances, while the level 20 player may not.

New World PvP scaling is certainly up in the air, but from what we have seen from the closed beta, there is a lot to delve into before players fully understand how it works. Moreover, these are systems that are learned with time spent playing the game. With less than three weeks of closed beta, it's no surprise people are still figuring out how some of these systems integral to PvP actually function.