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New World Queue Times Causing Players to Change Worlds

Photo courtesy of Amazon Studios

New World queue times have far outpaced the open and closed beta; this is to be expected based on the limited number of players able to participate in the betas. For those looking to join a popular World, you may be better off choosing another server. Much like the World of Warcraft Classic launch, players clamored to play on the "streamer" server with Timthetatman and Asmongold.

The same goes for New World with El Dorado and Camelot hitting high population in the first hour or so. Queues have hit as high as 18,000.

New World Queue Times Causing Players to Change Worlds

The problem is Amazon Studios didn't add a time frame feature for those logging in. When I joined a server with 1,000 people in line ahead of me, I waited about 20 minutes with the line at 917. I had no clue how much longer it was going to take and that's what many people are now experiencing. To help combat server issues, New World has a two-character limit per Server location, and one character limit per World Set. What that means is, you can be on a different World than a streamer, but in the same World Set, allowing you a chance to interact in some capacity. This usually results in the merging of different worlds should populations dip or for massive faction battles.

This also allows for players to spread out among other worlds, even ones not as populated, while still remaining part of the World Set, giving them a chance to play with larger Worlds.