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New World Rainbow Lion: How to Get It

Rainbow Lion as seen in-game
Rainbow Lion as seen in-game / Amazon Games and Nelson_Parker from the New World Forums for image

New World Rainbow Lion: how to get it from the cash shop. Despite the closed beta wiping progress, a purchase from the cash shop such as the Rainbow Lion will remain once New World releases on Aug. 31.

New World Rainbow Lion: How to Get It

The Rainbow Lion is a cosmetic pet that can be purchased from the cash shop for $9.99.

The inclusion of this pet has been a little controversial, with some enjoying the look of the Rainbow Lion, while others feel that this pet's inclusion robs New World of its old-world aesthetic.

A Reddit thread on r/newworldgame discussing the oddity of the Rainbow Lion gained a good bit of traction for the subreddit's size.

While the inclusion of the Rainbow Lion and similar "out of place" cash shop items will always turn heads, it's also some of the most selling items in MMOs. Players like to stand out, especially if they paid money for standing out, and pets like the Rainbow Lion is another example of this.

New World's closed beta window ends Aug. 2 at 7:00am UTC, and can be accessed by preordering New World on either Steam or Amazon.