New World Saltpeter: Where to Harvest

New World Saltpeter can be found in various caves around the game world.
New World Saltpeter can be found in various caves around the game world. / Photo courtesy of Amazon Games

Saltpeter is one of New World's many gathered resources, but it has particular importance for players who are fond of the musket weapon archetype. Saltpeter is required to craft the ammunition for the musket, making it an essential resource for players trying to wield a musket as their primary weapon. Here's how to find it.

New World Saltpeter: Where to Harvest

The musket is the strongest long ranged weapon in New World, firing hitscan bullets over long distances and scaling with dexterity. Its headshots deal even more damage than body shots. On the other hand, the musket has a long reload time, demands careful accuracy, and — crucially — requires ammo for every shot.

If you're going to main the musket, you'll need a lot of saltpeter to keep your ammo up. It can often be found in caves, including the wolf-inhabited ones near where new players start the game. But if you're powerful enough to take on level 15 Corrupted, you can head to an even better farming location.

Head north out of Everfall, then take the western fork. Continue along the path, taking the western fork again. Continue north, taking the left fork, past the Everfall Fort. Keep heading north through a pass between two mountains that takes a sharp right. After that, take the next left. Stay on the path, passing one set of caves before turning left off of the path and arriving at the cave you're looking for. You should find plenty of saltpeter inside.