New World Spicy Gift Box: How to Claim

The Spicy Gift Box items in New World
The Spicy Gift Box items in New World / Amazon Games

Looking to get some free items in New World? Look no further than the Spicy Gift Box. Here's how to claim it.

New World has once again got some free items up for grabs for players to use during their adventures. Players can take up the Cooking skill in New World in order to craft themselves some tasty and useful treats that offer bonuses, such as replenishing health or mana.

In order to start cooking players usually need to gather cooking ingredients, and then make their way over to a kitchen or campfire. But players can also get their hands on some free ingredients (along with some other goodies) as part of a new Amazon Prime Gaming deal.

The Spicy Gift Box includes the following items:

  • Spicy Steak Pie Recipe
  • (10) Peppercorn
  • (5) Spicy Pepper Dye
  • (10) Azoth Vials
  • (500) Umbral Shards
  • Runestone Stopwatch

New World Spicy Gift Box: How to Claim

To claim the Spicy Gift Box in New World, players will need either an Amazon Prime membership or a Prime Video membership to access Prime Gaming content, depending on their location. Players will also need to ensure that their Amazon account is linked to their Steam account.

Players will then need to simply head to the Prime Gaming website to claim the offer. Once claimed, the new items can typically be found the in-game Inventory.

To find your Spicy Gift Box in-game:

  1. Hit ESC > Store.
  2. Select 'Item Claim'. Select the Spicy Gift Box to add it to your inventory.

Items will be in your Inventory, accessed by hitting TAB.

Players have until May 9, 2023 to claim the in-game content.